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vital rejuvenation functional medicine

Why functional medicine?

We treat each patient as a whole person, considering all factors, including lifestyle and stress, before recommending any course of action.

While conventional medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms of many chronic medical conditions, functional medicine is devoted to discovering and addressing the underlying causes of your medical issues.

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MD consultation for functional medicine

Patricia Sylwester, MD

Our primary physician, Dr. Sylwester is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and has been practicing in the Olympia area since 1986.

Prior to opening Vital Rejuvenation she owned Pacific Walk-In Clinic for more than a decade. During her time at Pacific Walk-In Clinic, Dr. Sylwester became convinced that traditional medicine left some patients without real solutions and only treated symptoms. Through some very difficult personal experiences she leaned into her medical training to explore how bring real solutions through functional medicine to people in real need.

What people are saying

  • Kathy H.
    “The results are incredible! We both have lost more than 20 pounds, and have more energy than we have had in years. My husband’s blood pressure medications have been dramatically reduced. His blood sugar levels are greatly improving. We are sleeping better and exercising more. We highly recommend Vital Rejuvenation.”
    Kathy H.
  • Maribeth D.
    Dr. Sylwester is knowledgable and extremely professional. I was impressed with the practical and science-supported input she offered my parents, particularly my mother dealing with late onset Dementia, as well as myself and my siblings for prevention. The recommendations/interventions from Dr. Sylwester have already shown remarkable changes for my mother, so much so that me and my rather skeptical siblings are now using the interventions ourselves. Thanks so much!”
    Maribeth D.
  • Naomi S.
    “Tricia and Michael have been my coaches for my journey with ancestral nutrition and they have changed my life in so many ways. I have shed weight, fixed all debilitating and chronic digestive issues and cleared up my adult acne. I have never felt better, and I would recommend their clinic and services to everyone.”
    Naomi S.

Each new client receives a FREE 30 minute consultation with us. We use this time to listen to your health concerns and discuss factors that affect your health.

Our free consultation includes:

Review of medical history and prior labs

Evaluate medical concerns and goals

Current diet and exercise patterns

Current supplement program

Current overall lifestyle & health status